My good friend, Fr. George Koch, is an Anglican pastor who really gets it. He understands that theology is about knowing God and loving him in all that you do. He understands that having theological knowledge is good, but using that knowledge to live well is the real goal of good theology. To this end George has written a magnificent new book, What We Believe and Why. Check the book out at the website George has set up to explain his approach. You can find further vital information at the site. I confess that I have been looking for a book like this for a long time.

In a recent ad George sent me he used some “negative” marketing to tell why you should buy the book. Here is how he does it. I wish I was this clever.


1.  IT’S  TOO  BIG   Oversize:  7  1/2    by  9  1/2  inches.  Almost  an   inch  thick.  Big.  Won’t  fit  in  your  pocket.

2.  IT’S  TOO  LONG   Over  350  full  pages.  That’s  a  lot  of  reading.

3.  IT’S  NOT  CHEAP   Retail  $24.99.  That’s  half  a  tank  of  gas!

4.  IT’S  THEOLOGY*  Leave  it  to  the  experts.  Do  not  try  at  home!

5.  IT  POINTS  OUT  THE  BAD  THINGS  WE  DO.  And  teaches  how  to  do  the  right  things,  like  confess,  protect  and  love  each  other.     Like  Jesus  told  us.  Dang!


It  is  known  to  draw  curious  unbelievers  to  ask  what  it’s  about.  Even  if  you’re  feeling  shy.   Then  you  have  to  talk  to  them  about  what  you  believe,  and  why!

*  Including  Jesus,  salvation,  justification,  sanctification,  glorification,  essentials  and  non-­‐essentials,   why  we  bother  to  be  good,  living  with  believers  and  unbelievers,  evangelism,  prayer  (images,  icons,   purpose,   posture,   content,   tongues),   Protestants,   Roman   Catholics,   Orthodox,   rule-­‐following,   obedience,   transcendent   love,   covenant   (Abraham,   Moses,   Jesus),   Jewish   roots,   Hebrew,   Greek,   Talmud,   faith,   peace,   mercy,   Holy   Spirit,   heresy,   Trinity,   Freddie   the   dog,   Bible   authority,   religious   concepts,   Communion,   baptism,   pastors,   priests,   confession,   love,   reconciliation,   haverim.   Extensive   glossary   of   Christian   history,   people,   doctrines   and   terms.   Extensive   bibliography   and   recommended  reading  list.  It’s  a  lot  of  stuff.  Very  readable,  insightful,  and,  well  …  feisty.

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  1. Anonymous July 5, 2012 at 7:13 pm
  2. qingxin jiang August 27, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    I wish I could get the book in China. I do hope Chinese Christian readers can read the book. I mean I hope I can have the opportunity to do the translation from English into Chinese for my sisters and brothers

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