Are You Ready to Become an Empowered Missional-Ecumenist?

John ArmstrongACT 3, Missional-Ecumenism, Personal, Theology, Unity of the Church13 Comments

Since 2013, I have trained almost fifty people in how to become bold risk-takers for unity in Christ’s mission. In addition, I have taught about 10-15 graduate students. The number is not large but the impact can be immense if the Holy Spirit uses this experience to ignite a fire in his people. I am persuaded that great things do not generally come in huge events but in small groups.

I hope many who watch this video will consider becoming such a risk-taker for unity. The need is obvious and the time is now.

13 Comments on “Are You Ready to Become an Empowered Missional-Ecumenist?”

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