Homer-280x384 Let me be totally honest at the outset. Science is not my special interest, nor is it a field that I have a great deal of competence in professionally. When I listen to scientists talk I often feel like the amateur I am. If I do serious reading about scientific theory I am an outsider who needs a handy lexicon. But this hasn’t stopped me from seeking to gain a better grasp of the amazing developments in modern science, especially in the new physics, or what was called quantum physics.

Quantum theory, if you wonder, is the idea that energy is not absorbed or radiated continuously but discontinuously, and only in multiples of definite, indivisible units. Physics, of course, is the science that deals with properties, changes, and interactions in matter and energy. In classical physics energy is considered to be continuous while in quantum physics subjects like atomic, nuclear and solid-state physics have challenged some of these older assumptions about continuity. One of the things that makes all this so interesting is that it is still a new frontier. This is where medicine comes into the physics conversation, at least for those willing to question the “orthodoxy” of scientific determinism taught (or assumed) so widely in medicine.

My interest in the new medicine comes out of my life experience. I have battled some baffling illnesses (there are scores of people reading these words who are in the same place) that have prompted me to read and study a great deal on my own.

This whole field sometimes gets called alternative, or complimentary, medicine. There are a host of cutting edge ideas being linked, by complimentary medicine, with the new physics. Some older medical questions are being revisited and a great deal of what is being taught in mainstream medical schools is being debated. This new medicine has created an industry in America that is immense and growing. The media has covered this with great interest but a great deal of what we hear about this type of medicine is generally negative. Crack-pots embrace the new medicine and sane people reject it, so we think. I will say more about this in the future but for now let me remind you that every serious advance in science has always been met with the charge of heresy, religious or biological. It makes little difference.

The new physics talks a great deal about waves and ripples. The behavior of energy is important to bio-medicine because vibrational frequencies can alter the physical and chemical properties of an atom as surely as physical signals like histamine and estrogen can alter our bodies. Atoms are in constant motion, which can be measured by vibration. Atoms create wave patterns that are a lot like the ripples which occur when pebbles are dropped into water. Each atom is unique precisely because the distribution of its negative and positive charges, coupled with its spin rate, generates a specific vibration or frequency pattern (cf. Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief: Understanding the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles, page 116).

Biology of Belief Scientists have actually found ways to stop an atom by using its own energy waves. They have also discovered specific ways to enhance atomic response by using vibrations that create what is called harmonic response. These vibrations can be either electromagnetic or acoustic in origin. Do you remember the old commercial where Ella Fitzgerald sang and the vibration of her voice shattered a glass? The crystal glass absorbed the sound waves until there was so much energy the glass broke. Even I can understand this observable physical phenomena since I can see it at work in spite of my ignorance of the atomic theory behind it.

Medicine now uses this type of new physics in a variety of ways. This is, to use one example most readers will know about, how doctors can break up kidney stones so they will pass from the body (painlessly) in thousands of small particles. Kidney stones are like crystal whose atoms vibrate at a specific frequency. The doctor non-invasively focus a harmonic frequency on your kidney stone and the results are fact. The parallel with Ell Fitzgerald’s voice shattering the glass is rather obvious.

The new physics implies, and increasingly demonstrates, that the same harmonic resonance mechanism, by which sounds waves break up a kidney stone, can enable similar energy harmonics to influence other functions of our body’s chemistry? I believe this is a key that unlocks a whole new door for medicine. The problem is that biology is not all that interested in giving up its reigning position in the field. Most biologists are simply unready to explore these new mechanisms with the same passion that they use to explore and create new pharmaceuticals. I am not being cynical here but this seems to me to be a matter of simple fact. I am sure economics has a role in this but I am also sure good scientists will someday break out of this box precisely because true science always does.

We know that we can modulate chemical structures with drugs. The whole industry is built on this working premise. (Why do you think your prescription can target a specific problem while at the same time it has a list of so many side-effects, or potential new problems, listed on the same bottle?) Could we use waveform to help in healing our bodies? The new physics says yes. But this is where so many people get very, very nervous. For biologists and physicians this tends to sound like faith and miracles, not hard science. For many Christians it sounds like that dreaded label we use called “The New Age.” I am convinced that we should put aside these labels in the name of real science and seriously explore this field with much more interest. To refuse to do so is to allow human prejudice to stop real science. Faith does not need to fear real science. Faith can explore and study the mystery of creation with real joy and freedom.

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  1. Gene Redlin June 18, 2009 at 8:07 am

    Brother John, You are so very close to a breakthru revelation in this. It’s not new age, unless you start the new age on the Day Jesus walked the earth… But it was before that. Elisha and the axehead?
    We don’t understand this. Science tries and fails to use reason to deal with this truth.
    You have stumbled upon a reality that if you would grasp it would change EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING.
    This is not hyperbole. Read what you wrote again, by the Spirit I would say. There is MUCH there and now apply it to a barren fig tree outside Jerusalem.
    I won’t go further, but you have touched a Holy place.
    IF you go there you will never come back. I urge you to go. You know it’s there, you sense it, you feel it, it rattles you. You have come close a few times. Now it’s there once more… available….Come UP HERE HE is saying

  2. Emil June 18, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    Please be careful. What happens at the quantum level (i.e. very very small) is quite different from what happens when sound waves shatter a kidney stone—-these are very different phenomena.
    There are lots of folks who try to use what they think are ideas from quantum mechanics, but are at best metaphors—not mechanisms that apply.

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