If I were to pick three highly skilled biblical scholars/exegetes, who also profoundly understand science (two of them – McGrath and Polkinghorne – have a PhD degree in hard science), to speak clearly about the way to properly read the Book of Genesis then I would pick these three theologians. I have met two of them and have read all three for decades now. Perhaps no debate has more unnecessarily divided the church than the raging debate over science and Bible. In particular, it comes down to this: “How do we understand Genesis?” My own thinking has changed about this question, in fact several times over the course of my lifetime. I would now line up well with what these three orthodox and confessional Christian ministers/teachers say in this outstanding video.

In some ways this is one of the most helpful and important videos that I have ever shared on my blog. I hope you will take the twelve minutes needed to watch it carefully. This video should not only disabuse you of the many numerous bad ideas about reading Genesis but it will also help you seek for deeper unity with Christians who disagree over these issues of interpretation. No early Christian would have debated these points in the way we do today. Witness, for example, St. Augustine’s reading of the Genesis story as one example. Those Christians who debate that one view of Genesis is right and faithful are way off when it comes to confessional and faithful understanding of the biblical story itself.

You can read a host of names into what I am saying here but the most obvious is Ken Ham, the apologist known for his literalism about Genesis. He is simply wrong. Worse yet, he is dangerously wrong because he ends up dividing us quite unnecessarily.

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