Now that the world’s top astronomers have decided to boot Pluto from the category of a planet one has to wonder, “What’s next?” The real shock waves are being felt among astrologers, or so the press tells us. Are these people for real? Apparently so and their tribe is growing it seems. There is an America Federation of Astrologers and even an Astrological Association of Great Britain. These are the people are really upset about Pluto’s fate. And columnist Shelley Ackerman informs us that “Pluto has proven himself (?) worthy of a permanent place in all horoscopes.” Whew, I’m glad that’s settled.

Numerous astrologers are warning that those born between October 23 and November 21 should be cautious because of this decision about throwing Pluto out of the category of a planet. An Australian astrologer, who claims 580,000 clients, counsels, “Scorpios can be extremely explosive, and very direct, and this could be the trigger that makes them explode.” Since Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice are all Scorpios I guess we should stay tuned over the next few weeks. You could fool me, but I don’t think modern people are nearly as driven by the scientific method as people think that they are. It seems that in the absence of thoughtful faith we can expect an explosion of interest in astrology and just good old-fashioned Gnosticism. Fact is, a great deal of this is already in the pop-gospel of much Christianity even though very few seem to realize it.   

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