Readers know that I love baseball. I decided this summer, due to the recession and the difficulty of getting to games in Chicago, to limit my baseball experience to a nearby minor league team, the Kane County Cougars. I get two inexpensive tickets for about 13 games a year and take friends with me to see a game and spend a relaxing evening together. This week the Cougars season (sadly) winds to a close. I will miss these boys of summer and the pure delight of hearing the crack of the bat and consuming baseball park delights with good friends.

Bark in the Park Last week Anita and I took our dachshund Neo in the “Bark in the Park” parade at the Kane County stadium. Stacy also brought along her dog, Latte. It was a real delight for all of five of us. (We think the dogs enjoyed it!) The fans pointed at the doxies and laughed with us, or was it at us?

Before the parade around the park I had the opportunity to meet the famous Kane County mascot Ozzie. Ozzie is, fittingly, a Cougar. I think Ozzie is one of the better mascots in baseball. He is quite an entertainer. In fact, Ozzie is quite a runner as well. This short clip will give you an idea of just how fast Ozzie the Cougar really is. Enjoy!

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