Last week I shared Sophia’s story. If you did not read this blog and see the video then please go back to September 2. Read my words and watch the 90-second video. Maybe even share this material with your church, your pastor, or your outreach team.

I am personally called to promote a vision I call “missional-ecumenism.” One way this vision works best is to get local churches to work in partnership as they reach into public space with the good news. In one case I know about here in the Chicago region a Catholic Church, and two Protestant churches, began a Crossroads Kids Club together.

I believe that we must get outside our church buildings and church systems and make new disciples. From what I can see this is not happening, or rarely happening. We should begin with children before they are adolescents. Why? Far too soon these children will find their identity and cultural formation from a gang, or at a minimum from entirely anti-Christian influences. Crossroads can change this pattern. But without local churches who will step out and act with vision and faithfulness it will not work.

Today I share “Jeff’s Story,” a wonderful story of life-transformation.

One of the advantages of seeing this ministry up close for all these years is that I now see the longterm fruit of Crossroads being reproduced in changed lives. This is not theory. Readers of my frequent posts might be inclined to think that I am “down” on most church outreach. The truth is that I am down on most of it because it doesn’t work and it is not solidly rooted in telling the Great Story. Crossroads is different. It tells the Christian story, over a three-year period, and it does this very incarnationally. The curriculum is solid, the ideas are tested and the fruit is solid and real.

I would be pleased beyond words if a movement for such clubs spanned the nation. You can be one of these pioneers who helps to feed this vital movement. Contact Crossroads for yourself.

I am often asked, “If you do not think we can change our culture through politics, and I am sure that we cannot, then how would you propose that we change it?” Here is a positive answer. It may be the best I’ve seen to be really honest. Mobilize Christians to reach the most reachable and teachable in our communities. If you change these kids you will impact (and potentially) change the future. I dare you to try!

It has always interested me how very few Christians have any idea how the Sunday School movement began. As a result most Christians think that Sunday School is all about educating children from Christian homes. Nothing could be further from the truth. I encourage you to read the Sunday School story online. Once you have read this story you should be able to easily see why the “real” answer to the modern need for reaching and educating children lies somewhere outside the church. Most kids from non-Christian homes will have no realistic opportunity to know the Bible, or hear the gospel, unless  something like Crossroads grows and reproduces itself into a large and national movement.

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