Delivered from Darkness

John ArmstrongApologetics

Last evening we held our first ACT 3 Forum of 2007. It was a great blessing for many who came. Comments and responses were almost all positive. We also attracted the largest crowd for such an event that we have ever had in Chicago. We hope to build on this beginning and see these types of forums grow in their impact upon Christians and churches. The next one will be held May 6, at 6 p.m., at Lutheran Church of the Master in Carol Stream. (Details are on our Web site at The speaker for that evening, retired physician and author Dr. Charles McGowen, will address the issue of stem cell research. The event is free and all are invited.

Ron Nollet’s story last evening was moving and inspirational. It revealed the bondage that a person lives in day-in and day-out under the authority of a cult like the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. If you know a little or a lot about Jehovah’s Witnesses you would find his presentation extremely helpful. He and his wife, Adriana, never expressed anger toward the Watchtower, a remarkable grace.

In 1994 their sixteen year old son was allowed to die because he would not take blood products for a serious condition. As they watched him die, after a painful eleven days, they sincerely believed they, and young Keith bravely agreed with them, were doing God’s will. Frankly, I do not know how I could live well knowing this was a part of my past and that my decision was based on the false teaching of my one-time church. This is what amazed me the most last evening. Not a word or a note of anger toward the Watchtower was expressed, just pity and deep concern, motivated by genuine love. (My private times with Ron also revealed the same thing again and again.) It is hard to leave a church or group that you have been hurt by so deeply over many, many years. This man spent 47 years in the Watchtower and yet his life is now flooded with deep abiding peace. And there is absolutely no evidence of bitterness in Ron toward his past or toward those who truly hurt him. He works now to expose the public teachings and practices of the Watchtower in order to help others stay out if it or get out. He is discreet and gentle in all his dealings with JWs. He does not attack but shows facts and makes calm appeals rooted in the gospel of grace alone.

We plan to have an audio version of this address, as well as the question and answer time, online before this week is over. We will also have a video version online within a few weeks. The video version will air on most Comcast cable systems throughout Chicago in the coming weeks. Please pray for those who will see this powerful presentation. Watch our Web site for these new resources to be added soon.