Must the Reformation Wars Continue? (Part Two)

In a blog that I published here last week, on May 7, I linked to an article by pastor and blogger Tim Challies. His blog argued that Pope Francis was not a Christian. I debated for days with myself about responding to this sadly uninformed post. To be completely honest I do not like to engage with this kind of Internet “yellow” … Read More

Visions of Vocation

Author Steven Garber wrote one of those rare modern books that I have read twice. Some years ago I developed an answer that I cleverly gave to folks who, upon seeing my immense library (before I sold nearly 15,000 books over the last few years), would gasp at my floor-to-ceiling library shelves and ask me, “Have you read all of … Read More

Dialogue vs. Dogma?

The word dialogue is very important to me, and my view of truth, at least in terms of the way Christians live with one another, and with non-Christians, in the modern age. What do I mean by dialogue? Could it be that the very idea behind this word is deeply flawed, as some cultural and religious conservatives maintain? Back in … Read More

Can You Interpret the Signs of the Times?

Except for political debate, popular culture may elicit as many responses, both pro and con, as any current subject discussed by Christians. There is a range of views in our ranks about culture. This range goes from one end of a spectrum – an end which says, “stay away, stay entirely away” – to another – which says “enjoy it … Read More

God in Proof: A Book Review – Part 5

It is safe to say that I enjoyed Nathan Schneider’s wonderful book, God in Proof, as much as any work on apologetics I’ve ever read. If I teach the subject again the future I will require my students to read this narrative of one young man’s search for proof of God. In the final two pages Schneider writes: The idea … Read More

God in Proof: A Book Review – Part 4

I think the most intriguing aspect of God in Proof, by Nathan Schneider, is his personal story. Schneider describes his early quest for proof of God as it relates to the separation of his parents. He says of this sad moment: “That night my world bifurcated” (15). Schneider kept a journal during his teen years (that is amazing enough to … Read More

God in Proof: A Book Review – Part 3

Anyone who has spent any time at all reading the proofs, both for and against belief in the existence of God, knows the essential arguments. They can be enumerated, in one form or another, as follows: Cosmological Dialectical Historical Ontological Phenomenological Sociological Teleological Transcendental It proves helpful, at least for the non-academic reader, to state what these proofs are in … Read More

God in Proof: A Book Review – Part 2

Books by professional philosophers, and Christian apologists who argue for God and basic faith, are legion. But Nathan Schneider’s God in Proof is neither an argument for God or against him, at least in the normal way we think about this question. This is an honest account of a young man who became a Christian under most unlikely circumstances and … Read More

God in Proof: A Book Review – Part 1

Rarely do I read a book that is so odd, and yet so completely fascinating, as Nathan Schneider’s new God in Proof: The Story of a Search from the Ancients to the Internet (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2013). Schneider, a very inquisitive and bright young man (b. 1984), comes from a truly millennial experience. His parents are divorced and they … Read More