Nothing is more important to spiritual growth than regular, meaningful engagement with God’s Word in the power of the Spirit. But it’s not happening in most churches. Nine out of ten churchgoers say they need help in understanding the Bible in depth and four of five say this need is simply not being met in their lives.

I recently spent some enjoyable time with two very good friends who work for Biblica. They are trying to do something to address a serious answer to this issue. Biblica is the Bible Society, formerly known as the International Bible Society, that translates and produces the NIV. Biblica also promotes the recovery of Bible reading as story. Their plan, which I will be promoting and talking about in the days ahead, is called: “The Community Bible Experience.”

How can you understand the Scripture by engaging with whole books and by “hearing” the story as you should? Biblica has some answers. To learn more check out Community Bible Experience.

You can check out the resources mentioned here, and get more extremely helpful information, at Biblica.

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