Yes, I really do enjoy 24. I actually think this is a much better season than the last several years in the 24 series. The shift to Washington, D.C., is genuinely great and the recovery of the heart and soul of the old CTU team is unexpected and great fun. The new "Madam President" is both tough and likeable but will her husband survive? Maybe find out next week. I'm not sure what to make of the "first husband." (He is not Bill Clinton, which is a blessing of sorts I guess.) And Jack Bauer is truly back, back saving the nation and hunting down the bad guys by living on the edge. Will he end up in with a significant other with the FBI agent he is now working with? The chemistry is growing. Jack is, well, Jack! I remain a big 24 fan and thus I am also thankful for my DVR, which allows me to cut the commercials and save time by seeing it on Monday night in only forty minutes. For those who love 24 this is great fun, fun for conversation and all those "water-cooler" chats with your peers. For those who don't care at all, well you are missing out on a fun season with our great "mythical" national hero, Jack Bauer. (Though Congress wants him on a platter! Bad, really bad.) I love it.
But I have a lot of tastes that are spread very widely, along both serious and pop-culture lines.Surely my love for 24 proves this point.

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