The famous announcer Harry Carey used to say, so often, "You can’t beat fun at the old ballpark." As many of you know I share that feeling. It is a great place to be for rest and just "a time to veg." I forget almost everything else when I am at the park.

My daughter, granddaughter and I recently went to beautiful Miller Park in Milwaukee to see the Braves beat the Milwaukee Brewers 8-1. We took, Jeff Malass, along with us. Between Stacy and me we have turned Gracie into a real true-blue baseball fan: Go Sox and go Braves!!!

Stacy always tries to get Gracie to the park early. She then works her way to just the right spots and with Gracie’s cute smile and sweet face she gets some serious autographs and photo-ops. Such was the case in Milwaukee. Gracie_and_kelly_johnson
First she got a photo with second baseman Kelly Johnson (at right), just after he signed for her.

The really priceless "Mastercard" moment came when Chipper Jones, the sure fire Hall of Famer, stopped by to sign a few autographs for kids. A great photo of his signing for Gracie was taken as well (see below). Check out the N. L. batting leaders right now. Chipper is hitting over .400, a pace that boggles the mind. I doubt that he can hit .400 for a season but if you go back to the last three months of last year and the first three of this year he has hit at or near .400. He is swinging the bat right now like few players I have ever seen play the game. It is amazing. I hope he stays healthy since he has had so many nagging injuries. I will get to see him play several more times this year, at places like Wrigley Field, Atlanta and San Diego, on future trips. (I may also see him in St. Louis as well but we shall see.)

Milwaukee is only about 110 miles from our home so it is not a long drive. It rained later in the day but the Brewers closed the roof and we stayed dry and the game played on. (It took about ten minutes to close it.) If you ever get to Milwaukee go to Miller Park. It is one of the better parks in baseball. I have been to 25 of 30. I hope to get to three more this year, leaving me only the two in Florida to have been to all the major league stadiums. I have accumulated these visits because I travel so widely. My dream trip would be to take 45 days and drive around America to all 30 in a summer vacation. It will never happen but I can still dream about it. I have said before, I am crazy about this great game. It is such fun!

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  1. laura June 14, 2008 at 11:51 am

    What a wonderful father/daughter/granddaughter outing! Your granddaughter is adorable and looks like a little angel. 🙂

  2. Steve Scott June 14, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    John, Looks like it was a great time. You turned your daughter and granddaughter into baseball fans, but do they like the same teams?

  3. John Espino June 15, 2008 at 2:06 am

    Hey John,
    I haven’t been on here in a while, though I would peruse. Congrats on the autograph & pics, especially with Jones, what a treat!
    I have been blessed this summer with some great seats at local A’s games….what fun! I have taken my 3 boys to a few and as you, we go very early like I used to do as a kid and “attempt” to get autographs, balls, etc.
    No autographs here! These guys, most of the A’s as well as Angels don’t even come close to the fence, for anybody… I have been dissapointed this year to say the least….I guess my cute 4 year old Blake and his “autograph please” (While standing 3 feet from Suzuki) just doesn’t do it. 🙂 We’ll have to get some tips from your grandaughter..
    I would have to agree with you though on how relaxing it is to sit at a MLB game and take it all in……And to experience it with my 3 boys, who are developing a love for baseball as well, it’s just exhilerating.
    By the way, My oldest had his best defensive season yet at Catcher…..He just made All-Stars! Praise God..
    take care brother and I hope you get to achieve that dream someday of touring all the ballparks in one summer….Those who I have talked to that have done it say it’s awesome!

  4. BKarcher June 18, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    I agree… I’ve attended a couple Tigers games with my children, sponsored by my company. Baseball on TV has always been boring to me, but attending a game in the new Tiger’s stadium is exciting. (Plus it helps now that the Tiger’s are putting up some wins after years of losing!)

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