Pro-Life1 It seems that many younger Christians who supported the election of Barack Obama do not really believe that President Obama is radically pro-choice. I hear various Christians say they are pro-life but I hear none defend the president on this critical point. I have said this several times, and demonstrated it time after time after time on this blog, but this president is doing more to promote abortion than any previous president in U. S. history. While the view of the president on this issue will not ultimately alter legal abortion (only a deep change in the view of the people will finally do this and there is growing evidence that this is slowly happening) the president's view will, and does, impact lives each day. His view on this issue already has impacted lives and has plainly allowed for more abortions. He has promoted federal support for abortion and new ways of funding abortion. Upon entering office he undid a number of hard-fought restrictions on abortion and now he is slowly chipping away at the federal guidelines that have limited abortion. I think it is clear that the president, and most of the members of his party, want to do away with the Hyde Amendment and want to make sure abortion can be accessible at every stage of human development in the womb right up to birth. The version of health care legislation that he will likely sign is just one more step in his relentless effort to make abortion as easy and as fully government-funded as possible. (The content of the article I have linked here is taken from the comments of Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), a pro-life Democrat!) Again, the silence of Christians on this issue, at least among those who supported Obama, is not surprising to me personally. His view cannot be morally defended on any reasonable grounds so silence is all that is left to thoughtful pro-life people who did vote for him. He says that he wants to see fewer abortions but no one should believe that he is politically serious about this claim when his actions prove the exact opposite.

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