This week I posted some of the content that I have written for my forthcoming book: Our Love Is Too Small. I have no idea when this book will be completed so I cannot promise a completion date, though I am sure it will not be in 2014. I am blogging parts of my writing in the weeks ahead. This work will likely provide content for some months to come. I will interrupt the flow of this writing now and then but each week on my blog site I intend to post some of the material from my ongoing work. Your comments and suggestions will help me. None of this material is in finished form. This means that none of it has been carefully edited yet.

This video underscores my passion as expressed in these posts from earlier this week. I hope you will watch this short video and pray for me in all that I do to promote love in Christ’s unity. Your support in prayer and gifts helps me and the growing work of ACT3 Network.

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