To listen to the far right discuss the world you would think the simple answer to America’s problems is to "literally" interpret the Constitution (lots of luck folks since such a hermeneutic simpy does not work, never could and never will). By such constituionalism we will avoid all entanglements in the world of international political involvement. This kind of isolationism has always had some appeal in America and every venture outside the borders of the U. S., by the U. S. government and people, has always brought opposition from such voices. On the far left (isn’t it odd how these two views get so close to one another) the same cry can be heard along with their added attacks on the evils of the free market and wealth production. I make this point tijme after time sugesting by it that this thinking is neither Christian nor morally fruitful in the modern globalized world. My conservativism is not that of the hard right nor do I believe that the far left is remotely close to the demands and concerns of the modern world either. This is why we need leaders who think globally as well as locally. This is why strictly ideological and partisan political views do not work well often times.

I made this point yesterday by my reference to the trials in Kenya. I believe Kenya is important to U. S. interests for several reasons. One is the stability of the continent of Africa itself. Two is the widespread growth of Islam and Christianity side-by-side in Africa. The fastest growing Christian mission work in the world is in Africa and the fastest growing Islamic presence is also in Africa. This means we should watch Africa, pray and be alert. It also means that a benevolent country will not ignore Africa and its economic and political interests.

Yesterday, I referenced my personal interest in Kenya and today I got a simple email from my friebd James Waiya. Here is what this faithful Kenyan pastor wrote to me:

Please appeal to all brethren there to pray for our country. Just after the announcement of election returns in Kenya and the winner was said to be our president violence has broken out leaving about 300 people dead and about 70,000 people without homes. Anyway we are not involved and we are safe (for now) but it seems the economy of the country will be affected if this violence continues. Pray for my family and for the church.

Please note how James connects violence, the economy and the safety of his family and his people. This is "real politics" friends. This is why I care about these things and write what I do. Real people are impacted by what happens in this country and around the world. We cannot afford to live in a country that shuts itself off from the world as some would wish. I fear this response just as much as I fear the government taking away my personal liberties. (Both must be watched with vigilance, i.e.) The tension between the two ends of this spectrum must be maintained but radical libertarianism is NOT the solution and more than radical social liberalism (and secularism) is the answer.

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  1. Elizabeth K January 3, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    I have friends associated with a school in Kenya, which is why the developments there have more than a passing concern for me.
    Let your friend know that there are people in California praying for Kenya and believers there,

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