I just spoke to a friend in the Bay Area who is a huge San Francisco Giants fan. He explained to me why closer Brian Wilson gestures in the unique way that he does when he closes out a game. He is thanking God and praying for his family. Wilson, I was told, was a believer who drifted away and came back. I do not know the Giants players well but my guess is that there are other Christians on this team. Almost every team has several believers and chapel is conducted in every clubhouse every Sunday. I have spoken to several MLB teams over the years in several different places: Chicago, St. Louis and Atlanta. For me, as a lifelong fan of the game, these were great times to meet and talk to baseball stars personally. They were also great times to share the love of Christ.

As you watch the games, if you do, please get to know the amazing player in the outfield for the Texas Rangers by the name of Josh Hamilton. This video tells his remarkable story, one that is widely known because of how he messed up his life and then got it back when he came to a deep personal faith in Jesus. Hamilton’s is a remarkable story of real conversion.

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