A friend recently sent me a short YouTube message by the world renown biblical theologian N.T. Wright. Bishop Wright speaks about the “main problem in the Western church.” I cannot, in less than three-minutes, express my view of the present problem in the West better than Tom Wright does in this short, powerfully clear, video. I encourage every person who reads my work, and who supports my mission, to see this amazing video. Share it and watch it several times.

I plan to use this video again and again to make my central point clear to everyone who will listen. Why? Because of its clarity and simplicity in “making the main thing the main thing.” We must begin here and then we can seek the grace of God in our mission together. The scandal of disunity is deep and centuries old. The next generation is openly insisting that this change. I work to build prayerfully focused people movements committed to this great change.

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