Most readers realize that I borrowed the idea for the title of my new book, Your Church Is Too Small, from a book written by the late J. B. Phillips (1953) titled Your God Is Too Small. I read Phillips’ book as a college student in the 1960s and always thought it was one of the best titles of any book of that era.

I recall Stuart Briscoe once saying that the title was actually much better than the book itself. That may be so but it is still a pretty good book and the title became one that I could not pass up on using when it came to my concept of the church and our mission. A friend in New York, Dr. Craig Higgins, actually suggested that I use this title and so I did.

But people are still puzzled at times. Why speak of the church as “small” when the idea connotes “church growth” in our modern use? Well, I felt the word-play here was too delicious to pass up. When it seems like so many experts are telling us how to have bigger and bigger churches I wanted to suggest that even the biggest church in the whole world could be too small if it missed out on God’s missional-purpose for that church. If the largest church is to be in unity with the whole church as much as possible then “small” took on a new meaning in context. The video I present today explains the word small in my title more clearly.

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