The latest Wall Street Journal economic-forecasting survey suggests that the current recession may turn out to be the longest and most painful downturn since the Great Depression. On average, these economists expect the downturn to conclude in June 2009, marking an eighteen-month duration, the longest postwar period of decline. The economists on average said the unemployment rate will peak at 8.4% in response to this recession, as pain in the labor market extends into 2010.

We have lost more than two trillion dollars in personal savings already. A crisis of character linked to greed, fraud and arrogance plagues us profoundly. (Consider the hubris and corruption in Illinois alone!) An unprecedented national deficit reveals that both political parties are “out of control.” Many states, my own included are broke. Some are even seeking bankruptcy. And this doesn’t even deal with the looming insolvency of programs such as Medicaid and Social Security. The U. S. average, average mind you, for credit card debt is $13,000. Millions live in fear and 37 million of our fellow citizens go to bed hungry. 11% of U. S. households face a daily lack of food. And 40 million of us have no health insurance at all. Our infrastructure is broken and disasters have revealed huge problems at every level. Would you say we are living in fragile times? In addition to this our borders and ports are open targets and terrorists are very likely to strike us again in the months ahead.

In such times what will we do? This is the question every Christian should ask? Will we be there to serve, to care and to share good news in every possible way? This could be the greatest moment for true revival in our entire history. I am praying and watching and believe God is working. Are you?

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  1. Shane Fuller December 15, 2008 at 9:46 am

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I believe as the economy news gets darker, the light of the good news becomes brighter as we enage the darkness with the mission of Christ. John, Thanks for being so sane in turbulent times.

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