home_banner_2010 In 1 Chronicles 12:32 we have a mention of one of the tribes of Israel that was called to be David’s warriors. The text says of these men of Issachar that they were “all men

[who] understood the times and prepared for battle.”

Doug Birdsall, the executive chairman of the Lausanne Movement, writes: “These last two decades have been like no others in history. We truly need people like the men of Issachar.” Birdsall writes of this need in his formal invitation to pray and support the Cape Town 2010 gathering for world evangelization, October 16-25. Though specially invited leaders will attend this great gathering it is possible for you and me to participate in a number of ways. There will be Cape Town GlobaLink sites in many countries. Schools and churches can register as official sites and participate. Look for one in your area or check this out.

One of the unique things about the Third Lausanne Congress will be the diversity of participants. A large percentage of those in Cape Town will be young and ethnically diverse. The generation of Billy Graham and John Stott, who were the key leaders in the formation of the First Lausanne, is now retired or with the Lord. Leaders my age now realize that young leaders must be equipped and supported for a new age. To this end 4,000 church leaders from 200 nations will gather in October.

Lausanne will address things like the rise of rapid people movements, the advance of other faiths, political violence, techno-driven ethics and lifestyles, increasing preference for visual images and the spoken word and a parallel virtual universe. Twenty years ago none of these would have been high on an agenda regarding world evangelization. Make no mistake about this fact, we are living through a time of rapid change.

This Lausanne Congress hopes to produce a strategy and fresh partnerships that will shape the course of world evangelization for a generation. I have a number of friends who will be in Cape Town. I am seeking to pray for this event daily. Check out the site and get involved yourself. In fact, make this a matter of regular prayer.

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  1. Ian Packer September 22, 2010 at 4:46 am

    Will you be there, John? Since we missed each other at Wheaton, maybe we could meet up.

  2. John H. Isaacson September 22, 2010 at 9:41 am

    What translation or paraphrase are you using?
    1 Chronicles 12:32

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