The college football polls rated USC a near unanimous number one team in the land the last two weeks. The experts, after they blew out Ohio State a week ago Saturday, said this team could only lose to USC and to no one else. Well, I suppose USC lost then to USC tonight. Truth be told USC lost to Oregon State University in Corvalis. Yes, Oregon State.

Oregon State came into the game unranked and 1-2. They had already lost to Stanford 36-28 and Penn State 45-14. (Their only previous win was over a decimated Hawaii team, 45-7.) To say the least USC was overrated big time. They may not lose another game and they may finish the season as the National Champion but the old adage was proven true tonight: "You are only as good as the game you played this week." This is why every game counts in college, every game.

This is really what makes college football so special to real fans. USC seemed unbeatable at home but they had to go on the road and a team like Oregon State, who knows them and can play them tough year-in and year-out, Ncf_u_rodgers2_sw_412_2
took them down in a big way. Nothing seems to be harder than getting a group of college student athletes to not believe their press clippings. The USC players obviously listened to the chatter and thought they were invincible. No more. The mighty have fallen once again.

This was the first time a No. 1 ranked USC team lost to an unranked opponent since 1981. And it was the first time any number one team lost to a team with a losing record since 1990. Pretty extraordinary stuff for college football and we are only in the fifth week of the season this weekend.

There will be many such upsets before this year is over. USC would have played for the National Championship last year if they hadn’t lost to Stanford, a loss their fans still have a hard time explaining. This year they could miss out on playing for No. 1 again because they lost to Oregon State tonight. Remember, Oregon State lost to Penn State 45-14. Oh yeah, I already said that didn’t I?

Go figure. If your team is in the Top Ten don’t get too high and don’t give up, not yet. And by the way, tell the folks on the West Coast that the SEC is still the best football conference in America from top to bottom. Even undefeated Vanderbilt is ranked higher than unranked Oregon State this week!

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  1. Steve Scott September 26, 2008 at 1:09 am

    You may remember it was Oregon State who last year prevented a #2 Cal from moving up to #1 after #1 LSU had already lost that day. Pesky little Beavers, they.

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