Earlier today I shared a video clip (here) from a Lutheran source. It was satirical about Pope Francis. I took this video down after a friend I deeply love challenged me that it was offensive to some viewers and that it harmed my witness to oneness. I did not intend to create this offense and after a few moments of prayer I have decided to take the humorous clip off my site. If you were offended please forgive me. If you have read my posts on the pope you know that I love Pope Francis as my brother. I never intended to harm the unity of the church by posting such a satirical clip. I will do my best to not do this again.

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  1. Chris Criminger June 20, 2014 at 10:30 am - Reply

    Hi John,
    Jesus used Satire but we can not today. Some people don’t get it. Some people don’t understand. There will always be people on one side or the other that says that humor either went too far or not far enough. It’s sad but that is how it is today. I did not get to see the video but every time I have ever attempted satire, I can’t believe the overall negative responses of you are either sappy too kind or being mean spirited in using humor. I believe God wants us to laugh more but too many of us have difficulty laughing because we take ourselves too seriously and others not seriously enough.

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