Two Great Coaches and Their Faith in Christ

John ArmstrongEvangelism

The Super Bowl is finally upon us, with kickoff at 5 p.m. CST tomorrow afternoon. I have made my loyalty to the Chicago Bears widely known. What I haven’t commented upon previously is that both the head coaches of the two teams in this Super Bowl are wonderful Christian men. Tony Dungy (Colts) and Lovie Smith (Bears) are not only the first African-American head coaches to take a team to the Super Bowl but they are open and clear about their profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord.

Coach Dungy lost a son, James, to suicide just a year ago. His story is powerfully related to that personal tragedy and how his faith helped him through it. Coach Smith grew up in a strong Christian home and speaks of his mother’s influence on his faith living in the deep South. These two men are not theologians so do not watch their stories with a critical eye. Watch them to hear a simple, clear testimony from two prominent men, who have been given a very big stage this week. Both men desire to let the world know of their convictions as widely as possible.

It is neat to know that when this game is over tomorrow both men will survive and have fruitful lives beyond the big game. Their identity is clearly not football based. They will compete fiercely I am sure, as they should, but they will go home in peace and wake up Monday morning ready to live another day to the glory of God. Here is the link to their wonderful stories: