Over the course of the last few weeks I decided to launch a second blog site. The more I interact with Christian leaders the more I realize everything possible needs to be done to help Christian leaders and thinkers understand and put into practice the mandate of Jesus to make disciples of all nations.


This current site, found under my name (www.johnharmstrong.com) on the Web, allows me to range widely over a number of interesting topics that are personal, theological, economic, cultural, political, athletic and artistic. Because I am committed to a Christian and cultural worldview and try to relate my thoughts to countless friends and readers I see all of this as connected with God’s design for the created order. Plus, to put it very simply, I enjoy writing. Like Eric Liddell spoke of a different subject in the great movie Chariots of Fire, "I feel his presence when I run (write)." Thus, I will continue to write regularly on this site for that purpose.

Over recent weeks I have been struck by the need to India
focus more intently on the mission purpose of ACT 3 by developing a second site: The Transformissional Church. This new site will include ongoing articles on missional Church theology, reviews on books related to this subject, guest editorials, bibliography and various comments on this wide field of study and thought. Urban
As an evangelist and apologist this is my primary calling so I want to make sure I am reminded of this even if some readers are not. A site wholly dedicated to this purpose will discipline me to write on this regularly and to keep readers who care in this discussion with me.

Our ACT 3 mission statement is clearly dedicated to this goal when it states:

ACT 3 is a ministry to advance the missional mandate of the Lord Jesus Christ in the third millennium, through the witness of Scripture and the wisdom of the Christian tradition. Helsinki1

I hope you will keep reading and responding to this present personal site. I also hope some of you will check out the new missional site now and then as well. The first posting was written yesterday. The site is still under some construction so changes will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

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