The Strength of a Team

John ArmstrongEmergent Church

As I noted yesterday I am in California on a four day retreat with the elders and staff of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. The three days I have enjoyed to this point have been remarkable. Honestly, I have longed for several decades to see what I am experiencing this week. A group of fourteen men, using very different gifts and personalities, have become a "team" for the sake of Christ’s kingdom. I see no rivalry, I sense no jealousy, and I have found each man committed to one another and to the success of the mission that unites them. It is the kind of chemistry that you see when a team melds into one unit and wins.

What makes this possible begins with an incredibly gifted leader in Mark Driscoll. But I have known incredible leaders before. Mark is different. He is strong, secure and knows he has been given great gifts as well. But he leads in a manner that allows others to enjoy their place in the work, to have real fun doing it, and to share in the rewards of the whole team’s success. There is vision joined with freedom in the makeup and work of this team.

I have noted before that the Emergent movement is a mixed bag. What I am seeing this week is clearly some of the best the movement has to offer to the church for the future. I also sense that God is answering prayers I have have prayed fervently in recent weeks as I work closely with this group of men. (By the way the men range in age from their twenties to a man as much as nine years older than myself. Age is no factor in the team, only character.)

If we are to see reformation and revival in the church at large in the coming years I believe Mars Hill will make a major contribution to that movement of the Spirit.