Regular readers and close friends know that I was accused, at least all of last season, of being a first-class jinx to the Chicago White Sox. Every time I was present at U. S. Cellular Field for a Sox game they seemed to find a way to lose. Some friends even urged me to stay away down the stretch part of the season. And this was a good team coming off a World Series Championship in 2005. My record was something like 5-12 last season. It got so bad that I quit counting after the first few months. My granddaughter began to call me "Grandpa Jinx."

Well, the jinx may be over. I have seen four White Sox games this season and they are 3-1. This includes tonight’s 10-4 win over the Oakland A’s. The thunder is back and the Sox are scoring runs again. If this team can score they can win since their starting pitching is pretty decent. The only loss I’ve seen came to Minnesota, the night just before a no-hitter by a Sox pitcher. I plan to see them play the Yankees, Cubs and Marlins in July so the jinx is not officially over but one can always hope.

I know those of you who are not baseball fans think this a strange thing but this great game is a wonderful way to enjoy God’s creation. Tonight I went with my Web master, Sean McCallum. We enjoyed fine ball park cuisine and a beautiful warm evening with a prayer of thanks for our food in the upper deck followed by some great fun and wonderful conversation. Baseball invites a human response that relaxes the mind and body in a refreshing way. I love this game and often thank God for this pleasure.

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