A survey taken by Scott Rasmussen in 2004 demonstrates the issue of "exceptionalism" and "transnationaism" that I addressed yesterday with regard to the Democratic Party. Rasmussen’s survey consisted of only two questions:

1. Is America generally fair and decent?   

2. Would the world be better off if more countries were more like the U.S.?   

About 2/3 of the voters polled said yes to both questions. About 80% of those who voted for President Bush said yes to the two questions. John Kerry voters were split with the answer yes barely edging out no on both questions. 

It is also interesting that a growing percentage of voters who vote for candidates like John Kerry and Ned Lamont describe their religion as "other" or "none" in surveys. There is a Right wing religious movement in this country that favors Republicans but few in the media wish to acknowledge that there is also a Left wing irreligious movement, among those who are best described as secularists or non-religious, that favors Democrats. This movement is also having a large poliitcal impact.         

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