I referred, in a blog from the Acton University last week, to a new movie produced by Acton Institute that I saw in Grand Rapids. This film is titled "The Call of the Entrepreneur" and is 58 minutes long. It features the story of three people: a merchant banker, a failing dairy farmer in West Michigan, and a refugee from Communist China who built a successful and lucrative business in Hong Kong. The banker risked his savings, the farmer risked his entire dairy farm and the man from China risked his very life. Each had a goal of using their money and time to serve God as entrepreneurs. Each sacrificed and dreamed. Each succeeded and thus provides for us a moving story of what the spirit of the entrepreneur really is all about. 

But why do these types of stories really matter? For the simple reason that the way we view such entrepreneurs, as greedy capitalists or as altruistic servants, will determine how we view the destiny of both people and nations. Are such actions virtuous or vicious? I was so moved by this film that I intend to share it with many of my friends. I urge you to see this film and then to show it on DVD, when it is available for purchase, as widely as possible. Information is available at www.calloftheentrepreneur.com.

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  1. Chris Kelly June 19, 2007 at 8:30 am

    Halelujah! I have been looking for just such inspiration, in hopes of getting out of the 9-to-5, God willing, to have time for serving the Lord. I’m going to be watching for the showing in D.C. Thanks John. -chris

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