My readers know that I truly love baseball. I grew up on the game with my dad. I have come to see so many parallels between this great game and life itself. It was once said, about professional baseball: "Baseball is on the wane. Salaries must come down or the interest of the public must be increased in some way. If one or the other does not happen, bankruptcy stares every team in the face."Images
This prophecy sounds just like some I heard in the 1980s. It was actually made by Albert Spalding in 1881. The game lives on and still attracts people in large numbers. There are problems but the game is healthy.

One of my friends sent me an ESPN video clip on a college women’s softball game from a few days ago. Even if you do not like baseball (or softball) you can truly appreciate this amazing story. Watch it and see it you are not moved by what you see and hear in this remarkable true life story. You will see why “sportsmanship” is not dead nor is the spirit of friendly and honest competition it brings along with it.

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