I saw a new poll today, in the Investor’s Business Daily, that took an entirely different approach. This poll asked if people found a particular candidate "appealing." Since we know likability is huge in elections this is a new way, to my mind, of asking an important question. Look at this poll. I think you will find it about what you expect if you are following this race at all.

What is quite surprising to me is that even the most popular person, Barack Obama, is not nearly as popular as you would have thought. And only Rudy Giuliani got 25% among the Republicans. I personally do not doubt that Obama can win this election. I would bet on the Democrats to win today, and even if Clinton is the nominee and she has high negatives, but there are more than nine months until election day. Even "junkies" like me are growing more weary by the day. This is another reason why talk radio, and all-news television, bores me to tears at times. I never paid much attention to these media forms and now I am even less interested. My great fear is that many local churches will again be absorbed in this for nine more months when our real task is clearly elsewhere. Poll121307_2

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