Atlanta_Braves I have spent the last few days in Florida and have a few more to enjoy. This has become an annual ritual designed to recharge my batteries and to rest. I usually come with my daughter and son-in-law and this year we are enjoying five Atlanta Braves spring training games. I have to admit nothing gets me ready for the summer, after way too much cold and snow in Chicago, like a week in Florida. This year is no different. All baseball fans know that in the spring everyone looks like a winner. I think the Braves have improved a bit, but the Phillies will still be hard to pass in the National League East this year. One can always dream when he is in Florida, and not one game for real has been played yet.

This year I am enjoying this time away because a dear friend made it possible. I do not have the monetary means to be here but a friend of over thirty-five years gave me the gift and said, “Go, enjoy the Lord’s grace and bounty with your kids and baseball.” (Or something like that!) BravesFirstBase

Anyway, I am here doing absolutely no work, no writing and no serious reading. For me that in itself is a much needed break and a serious vacation. I was ready for it and hope it does both my body and spirit a great deal of good. I have a busy schedule ahead of me when this week of rest and fun is over.

The Walt Disney World Sports Complex is a pretty neat place. The field is a gorgeous sight to these winter eyes. Day games, night games, I get a little of them both this week. We even get to see the Braves play the Detroit Tigers in an away game at Tigertown in Lakeland (FL) and the Houston Astros in nearby Kissimmee (FL).

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