cover_bookinfo One of the most talked-about books I have come across in recent months is: Son of Hamas, written by Mosab Hassan Yousef. Yousef, still a young man in his early thirties, was an insider to the Hamas terrorist organization for more than a decade. Mosab, now called “Joseph,” is the eldest child of Sheikf Hassan Yousef’s, thus the title “son of Hamas.” Yousef’s account is chilling but easy to read in a few hours time. I encourage every Christian to read this book. You might get a little skittish at a few points but you will never be able to think about the Middle East and terrorism in the same way again.

Mosab assisted his father for many years while he was groomed to take over his father’s legacy and political status. The only problem was that God was working to change his heart. First, he saw things that shocked him about the brutality and violence of his own people (not his father whom he adores). Then he saw a difference in Israel that moved him to become an undercover spy for the Israeli secret service. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. While all of this was going on Mosab was being slowly and powerfully drawn to Jesus Christ as his Lord. At first he admired Jesus, then he loved him and finally he worshipped him as God and man. This didn’t happen overnight but it clearly happened as Mosab’s story reveals. He was moved step-by-step into the kingdom of God’s dear Son. His conversion is powerful, simple and unforgettable. Read it.

Mosab’s activities, and ultimately his conversion, led him to leave Israel for his own safety. This resulted in an agonizing separation from his family and homeland. He now lives in southern California and is part of a good church where his pastor is wise and faithful. (I emailed his pastor and have since chatted with him briefly!)

What prompted Mosab to eventually leave his work with Israel was his growing awareness that Christ would not allow him to participate in any form of violence at all. His answer to the problems of Israel and Palestine are simple, powerful and challenging. His conclusions fit into no one’s ideological paradigm. They transcend normal human categories because they are rooted in the grace of Christ alone. This makes Son of Hamas the kind of book that people on every side of the present debate ought to read. The book has it’s own web site which is worth you time as well.

I did quite a bit of Internet searching on this book and listened to audio files, watched video files and read news reports and opinion pieces about Mosab. Truly his story “confounds the wise.” In this man’s life “the foolishness of Christ’s message” proves to be the “wisdom of God.” Read it and expect to get an incredible blessing in the process.

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  1. Sean Nemecek October 6, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    Thanks for the review and recommendation. I just finished reading the book last night (it was so good I read the whole thing in one day).
    It was nice to read a Palestinian Christian view for a change. It really helped me see through some of the rhetoric in my evangelical circles.

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