Internet_explorer I listen to many people in my generation who remain skeptical about the impact of the media revolution that we are clearly in the middle of in 2009. There can be a certain smugness that comes from older people who believe that the young are always talking about things that are not going to happen or will not make a real difference in the end since this was not the way things were in our day. Well, my peers could not be more wrong in this particular instance. We are seeing a huge social revolution that is impacting everything from purchasing to learning. It has helped to elect a president and it is creating interest in the claims of Christ every single day. If you want to see just how much this revolution has already changed things, and get a good feel for what is coming very soon, watch this You Tube link. It is very impressive stuff.

There is no doubt in my mind that Christians will adjust to this revolution as they have adjusted to other such changes in the past. My real concern is how fast they will adjust. In the various changes that we underwent in the twentieth century Christians were always slow to respond. I am personally committed to not being behind this curve. This is why I use Twitter and Facebook every single day. These can be badly used, like anything else, but they can be used for great good. In fact I am using them a good bit more now than I did just two weeks ago. This is also why I have become more impressed with the power of blogging every single day.

It was pretty neat to host the first ACT 3 Luncheon of this season on Wednesday and to see Dan Jones meet Chris Crimminger in person. (Chris is a pastor who lives in southern Indiana and Dan is a student of mine who lives in the Chicago suburb of Brookfield.) Before Wednesday Dan and Chris knew each only via this blog site. Now they have met and become friends.

Look my friends. this media has great potential for real friendship if it is used well. The naysayers make a valid point now and then about abuses and the craziness of some of this stuff but overall they are the modern Luddites when it comes to the Internet and all that is associated with its vast potential. Watch this video and you will see what I mean.

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  1. Ed Holm September 18, 2009 at 6:56 am

    The implications for living/spreading the Gospel are amazing as are the prospects for the speed at which sinful behavior is promulgated. An interesting fact is that porn is in decline. This was one of the great issues of several years ago in evangelical circles. Now it is passe’ which is not to say sin is passe’. It’s just that the nature of sinful behavior has kept up with the spread of culture by Internet. Social networking trumps the forbidden fruit of visual images. As we become more alienated in our culture we desperately seek relationships either healthy or perverse. I see ads regularly for everything from Scientology to marital infidelity dating sites for times when “divorce is not an option.” Interesting. All of these ads are followed by “.com” How is the Gospel and how are communities of faith able to “.com” a reasonable accounting for our belief”? How are we using this medium to invite others into relationship with ourselves, our communities and the Gospel?

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