One of my greatest joys is the students I get to teach in evangelism and apologetics. I taught twelve such students this past July with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. These were all full-time college workers who serve Christ on the campus of both small and large schools across North America. I think these are some of the best frontline evangelists for Jesus I know. They are bright and they are full of faith, hope and love. The work they do really and truly changes lives and shapes the future of the nation in the process.

One of my students this past summer was a very sensitive, serious and dedicated young woman named Annie Michaels. Annie seemed to "eat up" my class and interacted with me in extremely encouraging ways. She was there by "divine appointment" and knew she was to learn and grow because of my class. She made such an impression on me that I wanted to keep in contact with her and to support her.

Annie’s December prayer letter tells how she presented the gospel in the open in the student center lobby by asking the question I begged my students to use in their college context: "Is God oblivious to evil, suffering and injustice?" I think it is time we put this question on the table, not wait for it to come to us. Annie boldly did exactly that. Her story is both moving and brought real tears to my eyes as I read it. I felt as if my summer teaching venture, which drained me in every way, was worth the whole effort. Here was one of my students doing exactly what I begged her to do. Soli Deo Gloria.

On Thursday Annie came by our home to visit and to meet Anita as well. We had a delightful time and she wanted to take a picture. That photo appears on her personal blogspot.  Check it out and you will find a photo of me amidst my basement library. Annie was fascinated by the room and insisted she get me at the end of one of the six rows of shelves in our basement. Those of you who want to appreciate Anita will see how tolerant she is to allow me to indulge my book buying habits over a lifetime. The good news is that I have purged as many books as I own over the past twenty years so we would need a much bigger home if I had kept them. (Purging some of the possessions you treasure is a good discipline I must confess.)

Anyway, check out Annie’s site and consider supporting her via InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. If you live anywhere near The College of Wooster in Ohio get to know Annie. She will be your friend. And pray for the thousands of evangelists and apologists on our college campuses. There work is hard but very, very important. Pray for Annie Michaels specifically. She hates raising support and admits it candidly, a rare admission in public. (Most people do not like doing it.) Her needs are great. I support her and encourage some of you to do the same. You can contact her via her blog spot if you are so led.

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  1. rocky January 2, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    As i read your blog,John, i have to recommend a book to you and your readers for the new year. It is Brown Like Coffee. Kind of wacky but real challenging. I found it at

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