Dr. Archie Parrish has long been associated with innovative and insightful evangelism. He is also a student of revival and an intercessor who seeks to mobilize prayer movements. Archie is the president of SERVE International, which is committed to what he calls "kingdom prayer." The goal of kingdom prayer is: "To build a supercritical mass of kingdom-focused prayer composed of 120 kingdom intercessors in 120 churches in 120 cities or regions throughout the world." I have known about Archie Parrish for many years. I have personally known some of his best friends but I have never had the opportunity to meet Archie in person.

I tell this story because it underscores one of the values of social media networks like Facebook. I have been a "friend" of Archie Parrish, on Facebook, for some months now. I have thus come to know him better and he has come to know a bit about me as well. Archie recently sent the following message (via Facebook) and with his permission I print it for you to think about too. Archie writes:

Recently, as I worked in Starbucks the young man next to me, with his iPhone, iPod, and open Bible was participating in a study group. In his book Jump Point, Tom Hayes predicts critical mass by June 2011 when the 3 billionth person joins the internet family. May God grant the grace and wisdom to reach this generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One thing I can do in this life that I cannot do better in heaven is proclaim the gospel to those who are yet to believe. Like Paul we should "become all things to all people that by all means we might save some." We should do all for the sake of the gospel that we may share with others in its blessings. 1 Corinthians 9:22-23. Military warfare can help us here . . . by this means we can see more clearly how to wage spiritual warfare. From my service with the 1st Marines in Korea I learned that there are strategic targets and then there are what we called targets of opportunity. In spiritual warfare strategic prayer targets are both defensive and offensive. I see five defensive targets in such prayer: 1. Yourself – your own heart; 2. Your Leadership; 3. Your Home; 4. Your Local Church: its leaders, workers and fellow members; and, 5. Your Personal World, which consists of those you influence and those who influence you. I see three offensive targets in such prayer—these are the flesh, the devil, and the world. Prayer targets of opportunity are the people God's providence brings into our lives.

A Simple Way to Pray by Martin Luther -- available at AmazonArchie's comments are not new but they are helpful reminders to us all that intercession is much more important than perhaps 99% of us realize. I do watch with prayerful interest as we anticipate 3 billion people using the Internet. This development will undoubtedly bring great difficulty but it has the potential to spark a great awakening as well. Which will it be? What are you asking God for and what role does kingdom intercession have in your life and ministry?

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