_IMG00020 Tonight could be really fun or really embarrassing for me. You see, it’s the night of my granddaughter Abbie’s Streamwood Park District dance recital. Throughout this school year I have taken her to a few rehearsals. One time her mom was out of town and I was watching Abbie’s class through the one-way window. It is a mirror on the class side. I was getting bored watching the same routine over and over and since it was just big sister, Gracie, and me in the hall watching, I decided to start shuffle-stepping myself! I did the whole Calypso routine four times waving my hands in the air and shuffle stepping, shuffle ball-changing—you know, looking like a real “piece of work” as we say in my family. Gracie was telling her mom all about it on the cell phone, to which her mom replied, “There’s a security camera on the ceiling at the end of the hall!” Everyone at the front desk of the Streamwood Park District must have thoroughly enjoyed watching this grandma doing “the routine” not once—but four times! I snuck out of the building with my face turned away from the front desk! I hope no one recognizes me as the “dancing grandma” tonight!

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