The Crisis in Quebec and the Lessons It Offers to Us

John ArmstrongCulture

ColsonCharles Colson is always interesting. I sometimes disagree with his diagnosis but then he is likely closer to the truth on many of these subjects than I am. (I sincerely mean this. I respect Chuck Colson immensely and agree with him about 95% of the time, which is more than I sometimes agree with myself on a really good day!) Chuck wrote a piece today, on PFM’s Breakpoint site, that is one of the more insightful pieces he has written in some time. It goes along well with previous blog on Harry Truman and the spiritual foundation for strong democracy. It is titled; "On the Cusp of a Crisis." He shows how the province of Quebec became secular and what the result has been in the past few years. Anyone who believes that there needs to be nothing but freedom of choice in all moral circumstances should read this very carefully. It is a great argument for the role of both Church and state. Without the Church the state becomes all powerful and the breakdown of the foundation of freedom is on the way.

Check this trenchant article. It is worth reading. You can access Chuck’s regular writing, and today’s (March 10) Breakpoint piece "On the Cusp of a Crisis" at Breakpoint. You can also subscribe to a daily piece and to some very good podcasts there. I know Chuck Colson and think he has been a marvelous gift to the Church for the past thirty years or so. God’s grace in his life has blessed a multitude.