Big Al No. 42 I know, I know, I am biased to my toes. But how could columnist Todd Kaufmann rate Big Al No. 42 in the Top 50 best college mascots? Here is what Kaufmann wrote about my favorite elephant:

Big Al is a stud and we don't want to mess with elephants. They'll trample you.

That's where the elephant came from in the first place. A 1930s sportswriter heard the roar and rumble of the team taking the field and coined the term “here come the elephants.”

I mean really, which animal would you fear in a stampede? A Longhorn? A War Eagle? A Gator? I’ll take elephants and run the table. Roll Tide Roll!

And on top of that if these elephants were all decked out in bright crimson on a glorious fall day who would you fear?

Just for the record I have a signed photo of the “real Big Al” near my desk. I know it is real because I sat with Big Al’s grandma at a game in 2009 and Big Al is only a sophomore now. He signed the photo to his friend John. What else could a Tide fan need unless it is a Coach Nick Saban photo personally signed to me? I’m working on that one.

Duck In case you wondered the No. 1 mascot was the Oregon Duck. I do like that Duck I admit. His push-ups are pretty awesome and he knows how to work a crowd better than them all. But the Duck did not win a BCS Championship and Big Al did. Come to think of it Kaufmann ranked Aubie the Tiger (Auburn) ahead of Big Al. What was he thinking? Must have rolled Toomer’s Corner too many times I guess.

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  1. Ed O'Neal January 29, 2011 at 10:48 am

    The video below will likely explain to you the very valid ranking of Tigers over elephants:

  2. John Metz January 31, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    Hard to beat a Jayhawk. And I challenge you to find out what a WUshock is.

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