Several times each year I mention what I believe is the most important online writing that I do. I refer to the ACT 3 Weekly articles I write for our web site. (These are read by several thousand subscribers as well as by visitors to our home page.) These articles run between 1,000 and 1,400 words and address topics and themes that are directly related to our vision of missional-ecumenism, the vision that drives this ministry. I have been writing these longer articles for at least ten years. I have been blogging for about seven years. These weekly articles have often been delivered as public presentations (via lectures and dialogues) and some have even been used in multi-authored published works. Still others will likely become full-length books in the future. I do far more research, and do more extensive editing, on these articles than I can ever do with my blogging. My first priority in daily writing is this series. This material is actually the long-time staple of our serious effort to help the church, to serve church leaders and to think more clearly about mission and ministry. 

I began a new series last Monday (January 9). The subject is Churchless Christianity. Ten years ago this subject would have been irrelevant except in some (Muslim and Hindu) contexts outside of North America. Now churchless Christianity is fast becoming an issue that the American church needs to understand and squarely address. I explain the problem and then offer some biblical and theological answers for how to proceed over coming weeks. I think all Christians ought to be discussing this issue, especially our leaders. I believe many of you will find these articles helpful. 

You can read the first issue (01/09/12) at ACT 3 online. You can also subscribe to this ACT 3 Weekly series at the ACT site. A podcast is usually made (last week was an exception) and you can subscribe to this if you prefer an audio version that lasts about ten minutes. 

Please pray for me during these days. I am working very hard on re-visioning the web site of ACT 3 and hope to have a new home page and blog site soon. I am also working on my presence on Facebook and Twitter. Check me out on both if you're interested at all. 


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