Many of you who regularly visit this blog are not readers of the much more important Internet writing that I do for ACT 3. Each Monday we publish a weekly article that runs from 1,200 to 1,800 words. This feature is also available as a podcast via iTunes. Many love to listen to me give this thought-provoking piece on their iPod and prefer this to reading it. Some like both methods. Either way the article and podcast are free to subscribers.

The simple way to subscribe is to go to the ACT 3 website and sign up for the ACT 3 Weekly there. Recent articles have addressed the issue of Christian worldview. What is a worldview? Where did this terminology come from? How is the concept being misused by many in our own day? How can we regain a proper use of the concept and use it more carefully?

The ACT 3 Weekly articles are sometimes part of a series and sometimes they are single, stand-alone, pieces. Either way the back issues are also on the ACT 3 website. I hope you will visit the site today and sign up for this free weekly article. There is really nothing that I write into which I put more of my heart and soul (week-by-week) that the ACT 3 Weekly.

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