I like foreign language films. They intrigue me because they do not have the glamor and expensive effects of American movies. Further, the actors and actresses are often unknown to me so I tend to not pay as much attention to their star power as to the story and the actual acting. And on smaller budgets writers and producers must major on character development more than big scenes that jar me.

Tell No One is one of the finest new foreign language films of 2008. It is a French film and is playing in many theaters presently. It is a murder mystery so I will not give away the story by telling you to see it. It is a type of Hitchcock thriller based upon an American novel by the very bright author Harlan Clever. The movie kept me in my seat for two-plus hours and totally absorbed. I recommend that if you see it you take someone with you because you will enjoy discussing what you saw and didn’t understand about the plot.

The story is about a widower pediatrician who believes his wife was murdered eight years before until he receives an email that he believes is from her.
The acting is first-rate and the inclusion of fathers who are deeply devoted to their children, a sly, clever cop and two lesbians who are profoundly related to the tale in a kind of normal non-erotic way all make it an intriguing and very modern drama. There are also some pretty exciting action scenes considering that there is no big American budget tp back them up.

If this movie is not one of the five foreign language films nominated for an Academy Award in early 2009 I will be shocked. It is not a film for children but two adults who love mystery would have a great time with it.

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  1. Ken August 25, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    Actually, the author is Harlan Coben. It was a pretty good book. I didn’t know a movie was made of it, so I’ll have to seek it out.

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