Yesterday, November 13, I led a day-long retreat for Christians leaders in Anderson, Indiana. I enjoyed meeting with, and connecting with, pastors and leaders of Proclaim, a ministry that began several years ago.

Proclaim is a group of congregations and individuals, situated northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana, that is dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus. Proclaim desires to be an Anderson area network that proclaims the message of John 17:20-24 in the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ to all men, women, and children regardless of their race, background, family history, personal history, financial status, education, religious affiliation, temperament, occupation, or location.

Proclaim has one simple mission–to be a ministry called out by God as a coalition of Christian congregations seeking Christ’s unity in the environment of diversity, shaped by a confession that God’s kingdom matters most, empowered by Christ’s commission to transform our neighborhoods into a place of grace, and functioning as a strong, yet flexible community that makes ministry in unity possible.

I am profoundly pleased with what I saw and experienced in Anderson. This is another illustration of how the vision I outline in my book, Your Church Is Too Small, is beginning to take hold of various areas across America. I see Proclaim as one more evidence that God is on the move, bringing Christians and churches together for unity in Christ’s mission. Thanks to the leaders of Proclaim for the invitation to share my life and teaching with them yesterday. It was a great day for me personally and I pray for the advance of Christ’s kingdom.

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