Jamesc I have appreciated the teaching and mentoring ministry of Carolyn Custis James for some time. I came to know about Carolyn because of my friendship with her husband Frank, who is now the dean at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Carolyn is a prolific author and a first-rate thinker. She is also a warm communicator whose ministry to men and women is deeply Christ-centered. She is the author of several very popular books. There are many great women teachers who are well worth knowing today but very few quite like Carolyn. This is why I happily asked her to speak in Chicago in 2010, which led to a co-sponsored event to be held at Christ Church in Oak Brook (IL) on January 23. I hope all who are within driving distance of Chicago will plan to attend this great Saturday event. It might appear that this day is only for women but this is not the case. Wives, bring your men. Come and meet me at Christ Church for a wonderful day of teaching and fellowship. Here is the link that you need to view the event information and register. I hope you will join me for Synergy Chicago.

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