Super Tuesday: Modest Reflections

John ArmstrongPolitics

We still do not have a nominee from either political party but John McCain will be very hard to stop between now and March or April. He is the front runner by a large margin and more than half-way to the total number of delegates he will need. It is statistically possible that with all three men in this race no one could gain enough support to win before St. Paul in September. Newsjpg_mc_3
But the pundits, even on the far right, are in almost complete agreement today that he will be the nominee unless something major or drastic happens to change the public perception and mood. Will Romney or Huckabee exist soon? I tend to think not. But this is a guess, which is about as much as anyone can make today.

On the other side the delegate total is very close and though Clinton has some large states ahead, where her campaign is strong, it is still possible she will not wrap the nomination up before August in Denver. Obama did not do as well in California as I had thought he would. Of all the demographics I find it quite interesting that women are coming out for Hillary Obaz809_hillar_20080205232119_2
in very large numbers, especially poorer and less educated women. And Hispanics back her as well. If anyone thought we were a color-blind or gender-neutral nation this data should disabuse them of this view if they will study it at all.

On the right the Christian voice is still harsh and shrill today. Some are seeking to make peace with the fact that McCain will be the nominee while others insist that they will either vote for Hillary (Ann Coulter) or not vote at all (James Dobson). Laura Ingraham devoted a portion of her radio show to reading a statement by James Dobson on election eve.Dobson_2
I found this statement very sad, if not outright offensive. I personally believe that Dr. Dobson has done a great deal of good for the support of the nuclear family and for Christian counseling in general. At one time, some years ago now, non-Christians bought and read his early books and even talked about his keen insights into human nature and child rearing with approval. I think he has done a great deal of harm, over the past few years, by injecting himself into partisan politics so aggressively, especially in this present election cycle. He makes himself the unnecessary target of millions of negative comments when he could be ministering to many of those same people if he just stuck to what he does well and best, namely teaching people how to live well and adjust their lives to the good news of God’s grace. Just an opinion.

Regardless of Donson’s saying that he speaks only for himself in his attacks on McCain he is seen by the multitudes as speaking for people like many of you and me, moderate and conservative Christians. I resist this and thus have to continually say so in order to retain my missional opportunities with those outside the faith.