There are a host of new terms and motivational sayings that regularly get created in, and passed through, the world of business. I do not spend a lot of time in that world. When I do converse with business leaders I often learn something that is quite useful to the world that I do live in, a world of theology, philosophy, culture and writing. Today was such a day.

My nephew is a first-rate businessman, who conducts his work and life with real integrity for the glory of God. He also knows the literature and thought of his vocation very well. He meets with me periodically to offer counsel about the business and development side of this ministry. Today was such a day. Toward the end of our time together Brad said to me, "You need to write this down. Put it on a sticky note and look at it every day until it sticks and then works its way into your planning and living." I dutifully followed orders.

The counsel was that I should plan to be more "strategically lazy," thus not fill my schedule every time I have an opening. I need to allow some things to simply go undone so that I can plan to be lazy. Then I can see what comes to me. I might be surprised by what happens Brad suggested. I should not, in other words, be driven by my strong Protestant work ethic. Lesson taken, and hopefully a real lesson learned. I’ll keep you posted. For now I think I’ll go try being lazy for a few hours.

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