My readers know I am a baseball fan. In fact, I am working to get several baseball stories and analogies into my forthcoming book on church unity. Yesterday I saw the Mets play the Braves at Shea Stadium, thus reaching my 28th of 30 major league parks. (Only the two parks in Florida remain but then New York will open two new stadiums next season which will get me back here again I am quite sure.)
Special thanks to Dr. Craig Higgins, the senior pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Rye, New York, who got me a ticket and took me to the game. (Craig is a Georgia native and also a big Braves fan who is living in exile while serving Trinity in New York.)

What really tickled me was to get this recent picture from my two grandchildren. They have begun to follow their grandfather’s legacy it seems. They have been to several major league parks (Milwaukee and the two in Chicago) and just made another park a few weeks ago by going to the lovely Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. Girls_reds_4
Gracie and Abbie have a quite few parks to go to catch their grandpa but they are at least starting while they are still young. Good work girls. The joy is spreading. But those "Reds" shirts are a little too much support for the wrong team.

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  1. Sean Nemecek September 15, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    Having lived on the North side of Chicago during my early years, I am a devoted Cubs fan. I have taken my son to several games in Chicago and Detroit (we live in Michigan now). One of my favorite games was a minor league game in Grand Rapids when my son got to meet Ryne Sandburg (my childhood hero). He really enjoys going to baseball games because I enjoy the games. I pray that he will learn to love the Church like I love the Church. That one seems to be taking longer but we started him young so there is hope.

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