stanton-lanier1ACT3 Network is pleased to present the musical artistry of Stanton Lanier in concert on Saturday, April 12. This event begins at 6:30 p.m. and is free to the public. (A retiring offering will be taken for the artist.) This concert will be hosted by Windsor Park Manor in Carol Stream, Illinois. If you are not a resident of Windsor Park you should register for this event even though there is no charge. Seating is limited. Go to to register.

The best introduction to Stanton Lanier is to first listen to his music before you listen to his story. Stanton’s stated mission, to offer “peace and rest in a hurried world,” is accomplished through storytelling, but not in words. His stories are told through instrumental melodies on the piano, transporting a global listening audience to that unique interior place that brings peace to each person’s life and circumstances.

You can meet and hear Stanton Lanier at

From his “2011 Best Neo-Classical Album” nomination (ZMR Music Awards) and “2011 Notable Sacred Music” selection (Christianity Today) for A Thousand Years, to his “2009 Best Holiday Album” December Peace (ZMR Music Awards, winning over Enya and Yo-Yo Ma), the words “calming, soothing, and uplifting” have become a universal description by a global listening audience. His mission to offer “peace and rest in a hurried world” is accomplished through instrumental piano, exquisite visuals and captivating stories from his life and music. Some of Stanton’s favorite concert moments are when he interacts with the audience, demonstrating how he composes, and involving them in the creation of a new melody right before their eyes (and ears).

In this April 12 concert Dr. John H. Armstrong, president of ACT3 Network, will introduce his friend Stanton Lanier and speak (briefly) about art, beauty and God’s gift of creation. Dr. Armstrong will also share about the vision of ACT3 and invite friends, both new and old, to share in his vision of unity in Christ and his glorious kingdom.


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  1. Stanton Lanier April 15, 2014 at 10:43 am - Reply

    Dear John, it was wonderful to share time with you and the Saturday night concert! Your introductory words about God’s beauty, and how we can look more deeply for this, in this case, through Scripture-inspired instrumental piano, were unifying and uplifting for all in the audience. Blessings to you! Stanton Lanier

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