St. Patrick, whose life is celebrated this day, was a truly amazing Christian. I remember when I first heard of him as a young boy. The famous W. A. Criswell preached a sermon titled: "St. Patrick Was a Baptist Preacher." That is a stretch, to say the least, but his point was more right than wrong in so far as Patrick was a great evangelist and missionary in the mold of the Baptists. I then began to read more about him and then after reading How the Irish Saved Civilization I decided to pursue this man’s life even more. I have to say that he is one of my favorite Christians of all time. If we were to grasp the missional spirit and vision of St. Patrick we might actually make a major impact on the West.

Here is a great prayer of St. Patrick’s to help you celebrate this very special day in Church history:

St. Patrick’s Prayer

This day I call to me:
God’s strength to direct me,
God’s power to sustain me,
God’s wisdom to guide me,
God’s vision to light me,
God’s ear to my hearing,
God’s word to my speaking,
God’s hand to uphold me,
God’s pathway before me,
God’s shield to protect me,
God’s legions to save me.

—from A Retreat With St. Patrick

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  1. Phil Wyman March 17, 2008 at 9:05 pm

    Oh yeah! I’m with you on this one John. A good ol’ Welshman turned radical missional engager. I love Patrick.

  2. Nick Morgan March 19, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    AMEN!! Being of Irish and Welsh descent, I’m sure St Patrick brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to my ancient ancestors! And my high school, “Trinity High School” had the shamrock for our school symbol. “Erin go braugh”!

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