I have had a number of first-hand experiences with spiritual warfare and the demonic. Many of you do not like to talk about these things while others can talk about little else at times. C. S. Lewis was right when he said that the enemy was delighted when we went to either extreme. I thought about this as I read a prayer letter from a former student of mine who took three different courses with me at the Wheaton Graduate School over the past few years. She got her M. A. degree in May and then moved back to Nassau where she now serves in full-time evangelism. She is a woman full of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ and is a fervent intercessor for me personally. She has given "the widow’s mite" (as it were) by investing in ACT 3 on several occasions, which truly humbles me when you know the poverty of her own culture and people. This student used to remind us, in class and out, that our heavenly Papa would always provide if we trusted him because he loved us far more than we knew. I share with you now her prayer letter. Take note of the nuance of her expressions and praises. This is solid stuff and indicates a realm that most of us know so little about in the West.

The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. This is a sure promise from the Sovereign One that will come to pass! The Lord of the harvest continues to send His workers into the field for the harvest is ripe. As we continue to pray, support and go, we become His instruments speaking Good News to those who are walking in darkness all over the world. Please do not become weary, but occupy until He comes.

On November 27th, I left Nassau, Bahamas after 11am to arrive in Cape, Haiti after 1p.m. The two hour flight was uneventful, except that I did not have a friend who did not understand nor did she speak Creole who came along. She proved to be a thoughtful team mate and a pray-er, always asking at the beginning or end of the day about prayer request that I might have. We prayed constantly throughout the trip as we saw God open up several doors of opportunity for me to share His truth.

After settling in our hotel, we made plans for tomorrow and went exploring our surrounding. Later, we ate a meal and went to bed. We awoke early Wednesday morning and waited for Pastor Marcellin to arrive in order to take us to meet with the parents at Ebenezer School. These parents came because they needed help to send their children to school. The cost for one school year is $40US and many are unable to pay. Thanks to God, He has allowed me to speak to some friends who have consented to pay for a few of these students. I am still praying that God would bring others to do the same.

Wednesday afternoon, I asked to be taken to a large church of about 15,000 to see the Pastor. He had issued an invitation to me to speak to his youths and young adults that day, but I soon found out that through miscommunication, I was having the meeting with the parents in Lambe, when he was expecting me to come and speak to a group of 7,000. I was apologetic and greatly regretted this missed opportunity, but God had other opportunities waiting and I soon found out all about them.  Pastor Donatien, then, invited me to bring the Word at their 6:30a.m. service on Thursday, Friday and Monday. He asked me to preach at their 7a.m service on Sunday as well as their 9am service on Friday and finally to preach at 1:30p.m. on their radio broadcast that reaches Haitian communities in Miami, Florida, Canada, The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. With God’s help, vitamins, rest and constant prayers, I was able to walk through each door to proclaim Christ, His character and ways. Thanks to Almighty God.

After one of the services, I was taken by surprise when a man walked up to me and placed a $20U.S. in my hand. This has never happened in a land where almost everyone has a personal story of lack and the pleas for help are soooo overwhelming. This man told me that he had listened intently to the message of faith in Christ as well as my sharing of personal stories of how God is at work in my life. He wanted to give to me in an act of obedience he said to what the Lord had spoken into his heart-wow!! He returned to the steps to sit and I felt compelled to call him back and to pray for him. He consented to having prayers sent up to God on his behalf and all that concerns him.

At another service, I had just returned the microphone to Pastor Donatien, when some men brought in a on a bed and laid her in the center of the church. Then a little boy with a deformed head was brought up front, and others who were sick or were manifesting unsettling behavior. As the host pastor began to lay hands on them and the church erupted in prayers, my friend who had traveled with me, moved from my side and began to do what I have described as a “war march” around the sick, laying hands and asking for healing and chains to be broken. I remained where I was praying silently when I felt a light touch on my left shoulder. It was so light that initially, I did not acknowledge it, until I received a more persistent one. I opened my eyes and before me was a woman who did not look mentally stable. She asked me to pray for her. I asked her how I can pray for her. She replied that all the doctors she has consulted with can not say what is ailing her, but she feels as if she is going out of her mind. Earlier in the service, I remembered Pastor Donatien stating that a young lady was sent to study theology, after returning home, it appears as if she was losing her mind. He then called her up to be prayed for along with everyone else. At some point, she slipped away and found me to ask for prayers. I laid my hands on her forehead, while acknowledging to her that I, in and of myself have to power, but the God I serve does. With that statement, I asked God to examine this young lady and do what He sees fit and if that is to restore soundness to her mind at this time, His will be done. I said amen, she said thanks and I bowed my head again in silent prayer.

Again, a touch alerted me to the presence of another person, this time an older lady requesting prayers, but before I could do so, I was asked to enter the circle at the center of the church where the Pastor and intercessors were praying for those who were lying on the ground. Pastor Donatien asked if I would pray for the lady that was brought in on her sickbed. He began to briefly tell me that about 3 months ago, she was dropped off at the church smelling like a corpse, but with numerous baths and prayers she was much better to look at, although she has not walked. I knelt down on her left side. She had not moved, her eyes were closed in oblivion and her head was turned away from me to the right. I began to tell her that God loved her and Jesus died for her sins. There was no type of movement that would signal to me and the others that she had heard. I lifted up my head and prayed to the Lord asking Him to help me to say the words in Creole that would let this lady know what He has done and wants to do. I placed my mouth to her ear again and in Creole talked to her about the cross of Christ. The minute I said the cross, everyone including me notice her head began to move toward the sound of my voice. She remained stiff, her eyes continued to be shut, but her face was now toward me. To say that for a split second, I did not want to run would be a lie. I was wondering what next, but I quickly reminded my self of who lived inside of me and who was greater. So, I continued, this time I reaffirm the importance of the cross and now I added that the shed blood of Jesus has broken the powers of the devil. Suddenly, her eyes popped open and she stared at me without saying a word. Again, I affirmed the truth about the cross of Christ and the blood of Jesus which breaks every dark power. I asked her if she had ever given her life to God. There was no answer. I again asked and eventually she responded in the affirma
tive. I asked her about her
activities in the area of voodoo, sexual promiscuity and hatred of others and to each of them she was willing to confess them as sin and receive the forgiveness and cleansing that God makes available to His children. I told her to continue to ask God by His Spirit to examine her so that she might acknowledge her sins and receive the full effects of the blood of Christ in her life and body. She did not walk, but just before the service ended she asked for the mike to be brought to her and she testified of what was going on during the service and the vision she saw as she heard me talk about the cross and blood of Christ. During the service, the lady said that she was not aware of anything or anyone until she heard me speak into her ear about the cross and blood of Jesus. At that time, she said she saw two snakes being defeated and that signaled to her that the victory was already one. We give God all that praise!!!

The following day, the lady who appeared to be mentally unsound came quietly to my side and said that as I prayed her mind begun to feel clear. God is able for He is the God who works in areas that are impossible for us, but possible for Him!!! Hallelujah!!

I left two suitcases of clothes at Tabernacle of Praise with Pastor Donatien church as well as two suitcases of clothes with the members of Ebenezer Church of which Pastor Marcellin formerly pastored. My friend and I were able to give small monetary gift as well to many widows, the elderly, and children. We were also able to bless a few of the hotel workers with toiletries, snacks and tips for their hard work. We also had the opportunity to give snacks to street kids as well as adults who came right out and unashamedly asked for a piece of bread because they were hungry.

Thanks to all who again, prayed and gave generously to me so that I might go. Without your continued involvement in this ministry, I would not be able to travel as I have been doing over the years. Really as the songwriter pens it, “Thank you for giving to the Lord” their will be many lives that have been changed from the inside out.

I want more of this spirit and faith in the coming days. Thank you my sister for allowing me to be a small part of your life story.

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  1. poetryman69 December 8, 2007 at 10:45 am

    prayers and blessings.

  2. Steve Scott December 9, 2007 at 9:02 pm

    I spent some time visiting missionsries in Haiti about 10 years ago. I assisted for a week in a medical clinic and preached to some homiletics students at the local bible school. I saw first hand the spiritual warfare in a culture such as Haiti. Your friend’s letter is an example of something not out of the ordinary, and a real eye-opener for a young, non-charismatic Calvinist!
    The largest religion was Voodoo, with just over 70% of the population, and is intensely spiritual. The next largest was Roman Catholicism, with just under 70% of the population. Doing the math reveals some obvious problems. Haiti is a spiritually dark place and needs a growing Christian presence. Bless your friend.

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