Some Helpful Reflections and News Reports on Coral Ridge

John ArmstrongAmerican Evangelicalism

Two helpful links to more news regarding Coral Ridge were sent to me today. One is an interview with Pastor Tchividjian that appeared today in Christianity Today online. The other link is from a blog written by Matthew Cochrane, a member of CRPC who was present in the Sunday congregational meeting. Matthew is admittedly a supporter of the pastor but his comments are most helpful in my estimation. The comments on Matthew's blog are also quite helpful to those who want to see one aspect of this discussion. 

Another blog, from a different perspective, also proved helpful to me. I think a great deal of wisdom can be gleaned from this perspective. Another blog offers still a different look at this crisis.

I will continue to pass along any news that is germane to this story but for now I think my commentary is adequate. I suggest that we all pray for Pastor Tchividjian, the elders, the church (all the congregation), the D. James Kennedy family and the surrounding community the church ministers to in south Florida and beyond.